With friends like Lemuel Page…

DECEIT: Steve Josifovski thought he could trust his old school friend Lemuel Page, but eventually became just another of the con man’s many victims. Inset: Page and his then wife Fiona at a Josifovski family function in happier times. EVEN now, years later, Steve Josifovski doesn’t want to believe he was ripped off.
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After all, he and Lemuel Page had grown up together: they’d known each other since kindergarten at Waratah West Public School, spent their weekends together.

“We grew up very close,”Mr Josifovski said. “But when he turned 16 he moved to Sydney and we lost touch.”

Then one day in late 2001, without a word for more than a decade, Page turned up at Mr Josifovski’s family home in Waratah.

It didn’t take long before he was forced to take costly legal action to try to recoup more than $150,000 he invested with Page in shares that never eventuated and property deals. Then, for years Mr Josifovski’sold school mate assuredhim – “I made a bank transfer yesterday” -but repaidhardly a fraction of the original debt.

“Page has perfected his strategy,”Mr Josifovski said.

“He’s an expert at taking people’smoney, he doesn’t care who you are.”

In a scathing judgement handed down in August 2010, Judge Margaret Sidis found Page “falsified documents”, “fabricated”evidence, lied about being involved in developments and took money for shares he never bought.

HAPPIER TIMES: Newcastle fraudster Lemuel Page and his then wife, Fiona, at a family function hosted by his old school friend Steve Josifovski who became one of Page’s many victims.

“Mr Page’s capacity for deceit was evident from the proffering of falisified documents to support his defence,”she said.

Judge Sidis ruled in Mr Josifovski’s favour and ordered Page pay him almost $250,000, plus more than $130,000 in legal costs.

Since the judgement became public, people keep calling Mr Josifovski. People he has never met. Fellow victims. Theyreported common and familiar threads.

Page has been up to his old tricks again.His lengthy history of leaving investors short-changed has beenexposed byFairfax Mediawithdozensof people detailinghow they havebeen ripped off by the con man.


Newcastle fraudster’s tall tale of dealing in the black marketThe art of the conFormer fraud squad detective on why Lemuel Page victims should speak outPage’s modus operandi is smooth.

He boasts of being a wealthy businessman, doing “high-end”property dealsand has made big money on the stock exchange.

He assured Mr Josifovski, and gave evidence in the court proceedings, that he had links with Theo Baker, adot南京夜网entrepreneur who was number 142 on theBRWRich 200 list in 2001 with an estimated wealth of $130 million.

Mr Josifovski, who runs a successful arcade machine business, was further convinced when Mr Baker signed on as a partner in the first property deal he got involved in to develop a disused Mayfield service station into units.

When contacted by Fairfax Media, Mr Baker said that he knew Page “from the past”and declined to make any further comment.

Since the 1990s, working from Newcastle or Sydney, Page has promoted himself as a financial wheeler-dealer.

CON MAN: Newcastle fraudster Lemuel Page getting into his luxury Mercedes G Wagon 4WD in The Junction.

His connections in business and real estate circles gave him contacts and credibility. His smooth talking did the rest.

“Neither of us had much as kids,” Mr Josifovski said.

“I’ve worked all my life and I was really happy to see he’d done so well.

“He started coming up to Newcastle with some high-end people and he’d call up and ask me to catch up for drinks or dinner.

“It took about six months for him to start talking to me about getting into deals.”

The outward persona Page presented was spot-on. His lifestyle was lavish – luxury cars, expensive watches, a penchant for the high life and plenty of talk about his high-yielding share and property deals.

Trusting his old friend, Mr Josifovski invested $85,000 for share purchases and more than $90,000 for several property deals at Mayfield, South Sydney, Cardiff and Forster.

BODYBUILDER: Lemuel Page’s long-term partner Newcastle podiatrist Renay Bull.

In the months, then years, that followed, Mr Josifovski found himself continually chasing Page to find out why the developments weren’t proceeding.

Page used his notorious delaying tactics, blamed others for the problems, all the while persisting with the fiction that the money was about to arrive from his next deal.

Finally, Mr Josifovski ran out of patience.

Whatever the reason for the deceit, he had no intention of going quietly.

Increasingly unable to get Page on the phone, he first took legal action in the NSW Supreme Court over the Mayfield development.

That was settled out of court. Then he took action against Page in the NSW District Court.

“The sad thing with Lemuel is he is looking for deep friends and love,” Mr Josifovski said.

“When he finds it, he betrays their trust and leaves a trail of destruction.

“It’s why all victims need to speak up and come forward.

“You are not alone.”

A four-day court hearing in August2010heard of fabricated documents, falsified invoices, missing reports, made-up property deals and doctored correspondence.

The nightmare was complete.

Judge Sidis said Page took money from Mr Josifovski claiming it would be spent on developments in Forster, South Sydney and Cardiff.

But Page had no interest in the developments and could not account for the missing money.

She further found that documents presented by Page to support his argument that he purchased shares for Mr Josifovski were “fabricated”.

She said claims by Page that funds were invested in the shares he identified were “obviously falsely supported by fabricated documentation and there was no evidence at all to establish what happened to the funds provided for the shares”.

She went further to say: “I rejected Mr Page as a witness of credit. I preferred the evidence of Mr Josifovski in all circumstances where there was a conflict between them.”

COUPLE: Lemuel Page and Renay Bull.

With debts of more than $17 million, Page signed a $180,000 personal insolvency agreement last November – that many creditors argued against – that saved him from bankruptcy.

Page claimed he only had $200 in the bank and couldn’t repay the millions he owed to former friends and associates.

An unsecured creditors list from 2015 showed Page owed $5.8 million to Sydney cosmetic dentist Dr Angelo Lazaris,$2.8 million to Sydney GPDonald Munro, $90,000 to his long-term accountant Phillip Joannou and $400 to Bartier Perry lawyer Chris Tsovolos.

Dr Munro, who has been involved inseveral developments with Page,did not respond to Fairfax Media’s requests for comment. Neither did Dr Lazaris.

Little detail was provided in the bankruptcy report by trustee Geoffrey McDonaldabout what theloans or investments were for.

Despite his cries of crippling financial stress, Pagestill lives a life of fabulous excess.

The 48-year-old is regularly spotted driving around Newcastlein a luxury Mercedes G Wagon 4WD and Porsche convertible, both worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By a stroke of good fortune, he and his long-term partner, Newcastle podiatrist and bodybuilder RenayBull, live in a $1.2 million apartment overlooking Newcastle Beach.

In 2016, Pagewas forced to sell numerous properties following a Supreme Court order that he had to repay one of his victims $2.8 million– but the apartment was bought by one of Page’s former companies calledParkway One, which is controlled by his ex-wife,Fiona Page.

“In the end I received half a cent in the dollar,” Mr Josifovski said.

“I just don’t understand how with a court judgement on my side that showed everything was fake, everything was made up, why doesn’t someone, somewhere along the way go that this is fraud.”

Page wassentenced to at least eight months’ jail on July 6after he sold a Sydney friend a cubic zirconia that was meant to be a $85,000 diamond engagement ring.

He hasappealedthesentenceand will reappear in the Sydney District Court next month.

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Read part three in Tuesday’s Newcastle Herald.

Baths benefit may flow in poll wash-up

PROMISES: Labor council candidates Declan Clausen, Carol Duncan, Nuatali Nelmes and Jason Dunn.
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NEWCASTLE Ocean Baths could be a winner in next month’s council elections after the Labor team pledgedthey would deliver an upgrade to the seafront swimming hotspot within the upcoming term.

Candidates including lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes have promised they will work to fast-track the regulatory and administrative work required to allow the historic baths to be upgraded quickly.

Initial costings have put redeveloping the baths’ northern wing at around $3 million. If elected, Labor says it would have the project delivered within the next four-year term.

Cr Nelmes said the plan would include commercial and public offerings if the Labor candidates succeed on September 9.

“Not only does Labor commit to expediting the regulatory requirements to deliver this project, but we will also deliver $3 million required to deliver much needed upgrades to public facilities and clear the way for future investment into the southern pavilion to for place activation and small scale commercial facilities like a cafe or restaurant,” Cr Nelmes said.

“We want the community to have access to upgraded amenities at the ocean baths – new toilets, change rooms and showers, as well as new children coming commercial facilities to breathe new life in to this iconic facility.”

Officially opened in 1922, the Newcastle pavilion is heritage listed so its exterior cannot be changed.

The ocean baths promise is the second appealing to the city’s swimmers in the past week.Independent lord mayoral candidate Kath Elliott has promised upgrades to the city’s inland pools, beginning with Lambton, at a cost of between $26 and $30 million.

The aquatic overhaul was one of two Labor proposals raised at the weekend that could bring big changes to the city’s waterfront, withdeputy lord mayor Jason Dunn and Ward 2 candidate Carol Duncan flagging a revamp for New Year’s Eve festivities over the harbour as a “cornerstone of council’s summer event’s program.”

The council has skipped midnight fireworks over the harbour since 2013 in favour of a bigger show at 9pm.

Twiggy snaps, brands Greens the ‘party for paedophiles’

Billionaire Andrew ”Twiggy” Forrest has unleashed his fury at opponents of the cashless debit card, including the Greens. Photo: AAPFAIRFAX EXCLUSIVE
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Billionaire philanthropist businessman Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has lashed out at opponents of the cashless debit card aimed at curbing substance abuse in remote Indigenous communities, singling out the Greens in particular whom he branded “the party for paedophiles”.

Arguing the switch to welfare payments via a cashless card would stop pensions being spent on drugs, alcohol, and pornography, he said the left-wing party, and others in Canberra were putting lofty principles, or in his words, “human rights horseshit” ahead of taking practical action in remote communities where children were often left to roam the streets at night because it was safer than in their homes where sexual abuse was rife.

The extraordinary attack came after Mr Forrest took aconfronting videoto Canberra midweek, which showed numerous incidents caught on CCTV cameras of brawls, one-punch assaults, unconscious children being assaulted, and drunken melees.

WARNING: Confronting footage

Incensed by what he views as the “principled distance” of the Greens, the long-term advocate of the cashless debit card for welfare recipients, presented the video to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, as well as crossbench parliamentarians, insisting that the period of examination should give way to the roll out of the card wherever it is requested by community leaders.

But he said the Greens declined his invitation to attend the viewing and associated talks.

“I’m asking the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition to put wedge politics aside and come out and strongly back the little children in vulnerable communities, because quite literally, while Australia dithers on this, children are dying.

“I want the government to listen to the communities. Governments are flat out listening to everyone else from the community from academics, to green politicians to people who don’t go to these communities, don’t care about these communities, and reckon they’re an authority on them, whereas we should just give the cashless debit card to those communities who are begging for it.”

Mr Forrest made the comments flanked by Indigenous community leaders, from Ceduna, Bianca Crake and Jean O’Reeri, as well as Port Headland mayor, Camillo Blanco.

An exasperated Mr Blanco said there shouldn’t be any deals or political negotiations in Canberra, merely immediate action to stop kids being harmed.

“And that’s the issue,” Mr Forrest said, “so while we play politics, Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, the cross benches, kids are dying and the instant someone plays politics, you literally consign another life to being molested, to being abused, to being kept from school, or worse, committing suicide.

“I have to hold the Greens accountable here; the Greens might as well be the party for paedophiles, the party for child sex abusers – you’re the party of human rights and you’ve forgotten the human rights of children, just call yourself the party for paedophiles.”

A clip from the video. Photo: Minderoo Foundation

Mr Forrest’s calls were enthusiastically backed by Alice Springs town councillor, Jacinta Price, who lamented the “racism of low expectations”, which seemed to cut in whenever the perpetrator of violence against an Indigenous person was another Indigenous person.

“We saw an expose onFour Cornerswith regard to the brutality in Don Dale [youth detention centre] and yet we see this kind of brutality where it’s again Indigenous violence, its Aboriginal people committing violence against other Aboriginal people, and it’s absolutely horrific, and yet, for some reason it’s dismissed … that sort of attitude is the very reason why Aboriginal people are at the very bottom,” she said.

Greens senator Rachel Siewert, who has been one of the biggest critics of the card, dismissed Mr Forrest’s comments.

“Andrew Forrest tends to run bizarre commentary against people who do not agree with his ideas and this is just another example,” she said.

“None of us has a monopoly on the truth and grown ups should be able to respectfully disagree about how best to tackle difficult situations.

“I will not be bullied into supporting the cashless welfare card and will not be dignifying his absurd and offensive comments any further.”

The cashless welfare card initiative, which sees80 per cent of welfarepayments quarantined against cash withdrawals, alcohol purchases and gambling, has sparked fierce debate since it was introduced, with bipartisan support, at two trial sites, East Kimberley, WA and Ceduna, SA, last year, both communities with high Indigenous populations.

The government announced plans in its last budget to expand the trial to two more sites, which could be named as early as next month. Its original legislation allowed for three trial sites, so for a fourth to be introduced, it must head back to the Senate, where the Greens remain in staunch opposition and Labor has indicated it would not support expansion into communities that do not want it.

Evaluations of the trial havefoundsome benefits, including a reduction in alcohol and drug abuse, and in some cases homelessness, but also included claims of work-arounds and anecdotal reports of increased crime, and almost half of the 2000 participants felt the card made their lives worse.

Mayor of Port Headland Camillo Blanko, Bianca Crake, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest and Jean Reerie at Parliament House. Photo: Mick Tsikas

Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge said the government was considering its next steps and would make an announcement about where it plans on continuing the trial “in due course”.

“The card is not a panacea but the evaluation indicates it’s helping reduce alcohol and drug consumption, and gambling,” he said, adding that feedback from police and community leaders had been “immensely positive”.

“Very few other initiatives have had such impact.”

It is not the first time Mr Forrest has pushed for something like the cashless welfare card scheme, having advocated for a similar measure in his 2014 Creating Parity –The Forrest Review.

N Korea about to return US war remains

The US military says it is moving “assets” to a US air base near South Korea’s capital and to the inter-Korean border to prepare for North Korea’s returning of the remains of American soldiers who have been missing since the 1950-53 Korean War.
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But US Forces Korea spokesman Colonel Chad Carroll denied a report by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency that US military vehicles carrying more than 200 caskets were planning to cross into North Korea on Saturday.

North Korea agreed to send home US war remains during the June 12 summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.

Carroll said in an email that the US-led UN Command was moving “assets” to an American air base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, south of Seoul, and to the Joint Security Area at the border to prepare for the process, but that plans were “still preliminary.”

Earlier on Saturday, Yonhap cited an unnamed source as saying that about 30 US military vehicles carrying 215 caskets were expected to cross into the North on Saturday afternoon. Carroll called the report “completely false,” but didn’t immediately reply to an inquiry about the number of caskets being readied.

Between 1996 and 2005, joint US-North Korea military search teams conducted 33 recovery operations that collected 229 sets of American remains.

But efforts to recover and return other remains have stalled for more than a decade because of the North’s nuclear weapons development and US claims that the safety of recovery teams it sent during the administration of former President George W Bush was not sufficiently guaranteed.

Earlier the Pentagon announced the indefinite suspension of joint military exercises between the US and South Korea, following a promise made by President Donald Trump at the North Korean summit.

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Lightning and Giants draw in Super Netball

The Sunshine Coast Lightning and the Giants have played out a 53-53 Super Netball draw.Sunshine Coast Lightning have rallied after a poor start against the second-placed Giants for a fiery conclusion in a 53-53 Super Netball draw.
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Australian captain Caitlin Bassett claimed her 40th goal from 44 attempts on the buzzer to bring her side – who had been eight goals behind at one stage – back to level pegging on the Sunshine Coast.

Starting at wing defence, Madeline McAuliffe moved into centre towards the end of the first period and helped lead the Lightning fightback from early in the second.

“I think we’re good sometimes when we have to fight and that’s what we do when we’re down,” she told the Nine Network.

“Unfortunately, we just can’t wait until we get to that position to do it so we just need to make sure we’re doing that consistently throughout the quarter.”

There was an intense battle in the Lightning’s defensive third as momentum swung their way from the Giants’ shooters to goal defence Karla Pretorius and goal keeper Geva Mentor.

Last season’s MVP Mentor typically discouraged any passes over the top with her vertical coverage, while the disruptive Pretorius often managed to get her hand to the ball and claimed two intercepts – impacts not lost on Giants goal shooter Susan Pettitt (21/25).

“I think Geva and Karla have really stepped up that ante,” Pettitt said. “We’ve probably slipped into what they wanted to do to us.”

The shooter was replaced at halftime by the more-imposing Kristina Brice, who missed three of five attempts despite getting into good shooting positions. The switch was reversed mid-quarter after just eight minutes.

Three of the Giants’ five wins this season have been by three or less goals but, on this occasion, they could not find the final touch – the two sides splitting competition and bonus points, with the Lightning claiming the second and third quarters.

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Coaches not ducking Origin II pressure

Freddy reckons under pressure State of Origin rookies remind him of paddling ducks.Pressure comes in all shapes, all sizes. And to borrow some Brad Fittler-speak, all sorts of animals too.
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With so many NSW rookies playing State of Origin this year – at last count there were 12 – the Blues coach reckons he can actually identify which critter it is that encapsulates the kind pressure he’s talking about as well.

“It’s like the duck,” Fittler said on Saturday. “The duck looks calm on top but the feet are paddling.”

“There’s a bit of duck going on.”

The NSW legend is not just 80 minutes away from claiming a series win in his first year holding the clipboard, he’s also on the cusp of what could be generational Origin change – and not before time either.

Blues fans have suffered through 11 series defeats in 12 years.

“It’s a shame that the state’s gone through what it has,” veteran five eighth James Maloney concedes.

” … things are due for a change (and) we’re the ones that have got to make that happen.”

It’s a truism not lost on 46-year-old Fittler, who’s own career as NSW playmaker was long and decorated.

A memorable charge-down try in his final game for the Blues in their triumphant 2004 decider in Sydney is etched in Origin folklore.

But as coach, he will largely be helpless once his troops run onto ANZ Stadium on Sunday evening.

Asked whether he has allowed himself to visualise a Blues victory, Fittler said: “The blokes have all the say in how that goes. I just sit in the box and do some paddling, really.”

His alternative methods as mentor have largely overshadowed counterpart Kevin Walters’ approach to the opening two camps of this series.

Whereas Fittler has been an open book regarding his out-of-the-box thinking, Walters’ usual dry wit has somewhat dried up.

The Maroons champion was caught out when he had to deal with the late withdrawal of Billy Slater in game one and then he bit back at the media this week after they questioned his naming of the Maroons squad in alphabetical order.

Slater, who has already announced he will retire from representative football after the series, is a confirmed starter in game two, with hotshot debutant Kalyn Ponga on the bench.

Walters was in the exact same position last year, with Queensland down in the series and saved in games two and three by the heroics of Slater, Cameron Smith and Johnathan Thurston.

This time, after two straight series victories, the 50-year-old says he’s welcoming the pressure.

“Everyone feels pressure but I am pretty fortunate to have a great set of guys and staff who have shared the load this week,” Walters said on Saturday.

“I am very confident we can go out and give a really good performance against the Blues. Is that going to be good enough? We will have to wait and see.”


– Of the eight series that have had a match played in Melbourne, seven of them have been won by the team who wins in Melbourne.

– The past 17 Origins in Sydney have been decided by 10 points or less.

– NSW have not scored 20+ points in back-to-back Origins since 2009-10, and not in the same series since 2005.

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Newcastle rugby: Maitland show they mean business with win over Two Blues

BIG PLAY: Maitland centre Carl Manu sliced through from close range to end Wanderers’ comeback in the Blacks 47-31 win at No.2 Sportsground on Saturday. Pictures: Stewart Hazell. TACKLE BUSTER: Hamilton winger Laufiso Vasegote escapes the clutches of Joe Crawford.
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MAITLAND co-coach Mick Hickling is not content for the Blacks to simply mix it with the big boys of the Newcastle and Hunter Rugby Union.

BARNSTORMING: Merewether No.8 Ramiha Smiler powers through a tackle.

That was 2017. This season he wants more.

The Blacks looked every bit a premiership contender for muchof the 47-31 win over Wanderers at No.2 Sportsground on Saturday.

It was the Blacks second win over last season’s grand finalists, following a 10-9 triumph at Marcellin Park in round two. That win was founded on defence.

Saturday showed they can attack as well tackle.The visitors ran in seven tries and bombed a couple of others.

They feasted on the Two Blues at the break down and once in the opposition quarter, came away with points.

“There were patches where we played some really good footy,” Hickling said. “We stuck to our structure, got ourselves into good field position and then capitalised.We are not just there to compete any more. We are there to win the game. That has to be the mentality: we are not just here to mix it with the big boys, we are here to beat them.”

The Blacks led 19-12 at the break and and stretched the margin to 33-19 midway through the second half. However, the Two Blues hit back with three tries in seven minutes to close to 33-31.

But a turnover and penaltyput the Blacks back on the front foot and Carl Manu sliced through from close rangeto end the revival.

“We got in front and thought we had the game won,” Hickling said. “Our line speed started to drop off and they played some good footy too. Their second last try was good football.”

Maitland show they mean business TweetFacebookUp front, Dan Runchel and Willie Soe were strong for the Blacks, Nick Davidson and replacement John Birrell were dominant at the tackle contest and Manu made a big play when it was needed.

“We put a bit of pressure on the pill at they breakdown,” Hickling said. “They set their attacking pods wider which presents an opportunity if we are quick enough to get on the ball. We had blokes tackling outside in, being aggressive and getting over the ball.”

Next for the Blacks are premiers Hamilton, who overpowered a previously unbeaten Merewether 29-17 at Passmore Oval.

“Weare still making mistakes coming out of our own end. In really big games and against teams like Wanderers they can really make you pay for that. We were fortunate today that we got away with it. If we give Hamilton that much ball trying to come out of our own end, it will be a concern.”

It was a second straight loss for the Two Blues, who slip to fifth. They were strong at the set piece and scored three spectacular tries from inside their own half.

In the forward Francis Ieremia was everywhere and Noa Taufaaomade inroads with every carry.

However the enterprising patches were bought unstuck by slopping ball carries and a lack of urgency at the tackle.

“Too many turnovers carrying the ball whenfighting the contact and two many turnovers at the ruck,” coach Darren Young lamented.

Elsewhere Saturday, Nelson Bay moved to third spot after they accounted for Lake Macquarie 41-3at Walters Park.

Though beaten, it was a much improved performance from the Roos, who were bolstered by the inclusion of former North Harbour Rays Sione Ala andBrian Sefanaia. Lake Macquarie had conceded more than 110 points in each of the four previous games.

Adrian Delore was the star with a double to lead Southern Beaches to a 42-35 triumph over Singleton at Ernie Calland Field, their first win since round five.

Newcastle RL: Lakes coach expects rusty Phythian to improve

Newcastle RL: Phythian makes rusty return as Lakes stumble to Souths RUSTY: Dylan Phythian returned from a 12-match suspension for Lake United in a 26-6 loss to South Newcastle on Saturday. Picture: Marina Neil
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TweetFacebook Lakes play Souths at Townson OvalSacked Knights utility Dylan Phythian makes his return to rugby league for Lakes against Souths at Townson Oval. Photos: Marina NeilLAKES United coach Todd Edwards expects Dylan Phythian to be “better for the run” after playing his first game in 18 months in the Seagulls’ 26-6 loss to South Newcastle at Townson Oval on Saturday.

The former Knights utility was cleared this week to resume his career in the Newcastle Rugby League after serving a 12-game ban forfor a second positive drug test.

Phythian recieved the ban in March as he was preparing to return for the Knights after missing the majority of the 2017 NRL season due to a knee reconstruction.

SPORT: More rugby league headlines from Newcastle and the Hunter

He was sacked by the Knights and offered a lifeline by his junior club.

The 22-year-old played off the bench on Saturday.

“He played a bit of back row and a bit of left centre,” Edwards said. “He was rusty but he got through. He worked hard but was burning and will be better for the gallop.”

Elsewhere on Saturday, Maitland scored scored 26 unanswered points in the second half to thrash Kurri Kurri 42-6 at Maitland Sportsground and Central ground out a 26-14 victory away to Cessnock.

At Townson Oval, competition leaders Lakes trailed Souths 14-0 early and 14-6 at the break.

They held out the home side out until the 70thminute before late tries to lock Tori Freeman and interchange forward Cameron King sealed a third straight win for the Lions.

“They were very clinical and handled the conditions better than we did,” Edwards said. “It was a wake up call for us. We weren’t great, they were good and we got we deserved.”

“We put ourselves under too much pressure with poor handling and poor decisions.”

Northern NSW Football: Jaffas look to rejig attack after scoreless draw with Weston

Braedyn CrowleyLAMBTON Jaffas coach James Pascoe plans to tweak the champions attack to better suit former Melbourne City striker Braedyn Crowley.
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Pascoe’s move comes after the Jaffas were held to a scoreless draw by ninth-placed Weston at Bear Park on Saturday.

In the end, Lambton needed a brilliant save from Brad Swancott to deny Nathan Morris from the penalty spot to get a point.

It was a disciplined and determined performance from the Bears and a vast improvement on their 2-1 loss to cellar dwellers Lake Macquarie, which coach Steve Piggott labelled the worst in his 30 years as a first grade mentor.

“Piggo wanted a reaction from his team and he got one,” Pascoe said. “They were disciplined and worked hard. They put 10 behind the ball and we weren’t good enough to break that down. Adraw was about right given the quality of us in the final third and the way they set up the game.”

The Jaffas’ strike force was blunted withoutGriffiths brother Joel and Ryan and Bren Hammel.

Nathan Morris

“Joel tweaked his hamstring against Broadmeadow and will be out for a month,” Pascoe said. “Ryan (knee)did the warm-up but pulled up sore. Bren is in Russia at the World Cup. Pat Brown is working and living in Sydney and can’t train so he played off the bench.Braedyn didn’t get the best service from wide areas. We played a lot of balls in like we had Browny or Ryan at the point of the attack.Braedyn needs a different type of service.

“He likes to get in behind and get the ball to feet. A lot of the delivery was chest or head height and Nathan Morris and their boys at the back dealt with that comfortably.”

The Jaffas are at home to Charlestown next round and Pascoe said they would adjust their attack to help bring Crowley into the game.

“As a coach you have to use the resources the best way possible,”he said. “We are not blessed with physical size and it doesn’t lend itself to a direct game. Our build up is a little slow. We have to play to feet and try and get Braedyn in behind earlier. Teams have to give you enough space to get in behind as well.”

Black Diamond AFL: Lemon flies for Hawks as Saints kept to nil

Mitch KnightJACK Lennon kicked six goals as Cardiff made it a perfect 10 wins to start the Black Diamond AFLseason, thrashing Wyong 121-59 at Hillsborough Oval on Saturday.
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The Magpies stunned the home side early, landing four majors to lead 26-25 at the first change.

Hawks had edged ahead 50-46 by the main break but the second half was one-way traffic as theyrecorded a 17.19 (121) to 9.5 (59) win.

Lennon opened the Hawks’ account but he did most of his damage in the final term with three to take his season tally to 33.

Josh Murphy was also a handful and bagged four goals.

Justin McPhan kicked three for Gosford.

Warners Bay totally dominated a hapless Maitland holding the Saints to nil at Feighan Park.

Jack Downing led the way with seven as the Bulldogs kicked 25.21 (171). But their best work was done on the ball and at the defensive end where Luke Roach was outstanding.

Pat Gillingham continued his breakout season to help steer Newcastle City to a crushing 22.20 (152) to 3.3 (21) at No.1 Sportsground.

The Blues were in control from the outset, kicking eight goals in the opening term.

Apart from Gillingham, who is the leading goalkicker in the league with 36, Mitch Knight and Connor Haswell were strong.

Killarneyvale kicked three unanswered goals in the third quarter to set up a8.13 (61) to4.11 (35) victory over Singleton at Rose Point Park. Dillon Stevens was best on ground in his debut for the Bombers.

James Webster bagged a handful as Terrigal Avoca flexed their muscles with a23.23 (161)to1.4 (10) win over strugglers Lake Macquarie at Tulkaba Park.

Apart from Webster, Jack Grimmond was impressive.

Waratah League BasketballNewcastle Hunters stretched their winning streak to seven games with a comfortable 100-80 victory over Hornsby Spiders.

NEWCASTLE Hunters stretched their winning streak to seven games with a comfortable 100-80 victory over Hornsby Spiders at The Brickpit on Saturday to stay on top of the Waratah Basketball League championship men’s table.
Nanjing Night Net

League leading scorer Austin Thornton poured in a game-high 30 points and added 13 assists, seven rebounds and five steals as the Hunters improved their win-loss record to 12-2 with six games left in the regular season.

Newcastle made a flawless start to lead 36-17 at quarter-time and were always in control from that point, allowing coach Darren Nichols to rotate his 10-man squad and share the minutes around.

Four other Newcastle players scored in double figures and every player scored.

CONSISTENT: Austin Thornton

Sharif Watson had a 10-point, 13-rebound double-double to go with three assists and two steals, Jacob Foy contributed 19 points and three rebounds, Ryan Beisty compiled 12 points, seven rebounds, three assists, three steals and two blocks, and Lachlan Jackson chipped in with 10 points, five boards and three assists off the bench.

In a boost for Newcastle in the countdown to the play-offs, centre Steve Davis played his first game in two months and scored six points in eight minutes. Davis has been sidelined with a neck injury.

“It was another good team win, everyone got to play and everyone scored,” Nichols said.

“It’s always tough to win at Hornsby and it will be another step up when we play Norths at Norths next Saturday.”

In the women’s game earlier on Saturday, Hornsby ended Newcastle’s seven-game winning streak with an 84-61 victory.

The result meant the Hunters (8-4) remained in fourth position behind leaders Norths (9-1), who they play on the road next Saturday, Hornsby (10-2) and Sutherland (9-3).

There were some promising signs when Newcastle jumped to a 12-4 lead midway through the first quarter but the Spiders crept back into the contest to lead 24-22 by the end of the term.

Hornsby turned the defensive screws in the second quarter to lead 45-36 by half-time and extended that to 65-50 heading into the final period.

Jasmin Howe (24 points) and Hannah Young (11 points, five rebounds, three assists, three steals) were the only Newcastle players to reach double-figure scoring, and Alison Ebzery and Cherub Lum added nine points each.

Load off as colleagues lose truckload of weight

Load off as colleagues lose truckload of weight SLIM: Nich Martin, Russell Niklaus, hypnotherapist James Duncan, Paul Cooper, Craig McPherson and Wayne Gilchrist. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE
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Paul Cooper and Nich Martin.

TweetFacebookFor five Border truck drivers, the load they’recarrying is significantly lighter these days –having lost a combined 273 kilograms.

About 18 months agoCraigMcPherson tipped the scales at 180 kilograms but within six months he wasa different man, having lost 100kg.

Nine months on, Mr McPherson remains lessthan half his previous weight.

“Heaps has changed, I feel better, I’ve got more energy, medically I’m healthier,” he said.

Mr McPherson said being a truck driver previously meant plenty of fast food, but now he’s happy opting for the healthier option.

Fellow Green Freight colleagues Russell Niklaus lost 49.5kg in four months, Wayne Gilchrist 48.5kg in three months, Nich Martin 35kg in three months and Paul Cooper 40kg in 11 weeks.

Mr Cooper said after seeing the massive change in Mr McPherson, he was confident he could lose weight too.

“I’ve been big most of my life, I’d tried other diets and I’d lost weight but I always put it back on,” he said.

“The motivation to keep going is there every day on the scales, I was losing about 500g a day.”

And the men attribute their results not to exercise –but to hypnotherapy.

Theyall attendedRiverina Hypnotherapy’s Shrink seminars, which owner James Duncan says focus on addressingstress.

Mr Duncan said by addressing the stressesbehind weight gain and overeating, participants –including himself –can lose significant weight and keep it off.

“If you want to get skinny you have to get healthy,” he said.

Mr Gilchrist said the program puts participants on a 500 calorie diet and he hada great support network at work, with Craig and Paul already having shed the kilos.

“I’d triedshakes before and diets but it’s often hard to cook when you’re driving,” he said.

“With this there’s a bit of preparation but it’s not hard.

“And you don’t get hungry, it’s just a matter of preparing.

“It was great to have the support of they guys, we could talk about it and especially because I wasn’t losing weight as fast.”

Mr McPherson said when he started trying to lose weight he had no idea he’d lose 100kg, let alone inspire others to drop more than 170kg.

Coalition seizes on Labor leader stoush

Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne says Anthony Albanese’s fired the gun on Labor leadership.Anthony Albanese has fired the starting gun on a Labor leadership contest, the coalition says.
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But Labor emphatically denies any rift between the former 2013 leadership contestant from the Left and the man who defeated him, Bill Shorten.

Mr Albanese delivered the Whitlam Oration on Friday night,l in which he set out an agenda for reforming the ALP and broadening the party’s appeal to non-unionists and the business sector.

“Labor doesn’t have to agree with business on issues such as company tax rates, but we do have to engage constructively with business large and small,” he said.

Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne said Mr Albanese had directly contradicted Mr Shorten’s “war with business” approach and placement of unions at the centre of public policy.

“Anthony Albanese has fired the starter gun on the Labor Party leadership contest,” Mr Pyne said in Adelaide.

The cabinet minister, who regularly makes media appearances with Mr Albanese, said Mr Shorten’s leadership had failed.

“We know where it’s going to end, it will end in a ballot of the Labor Party membership and the caucus, and the sooner Bill Shorten gets on with it the better,” he said.

Labor is contesting five by-elections on July 28, aiming to retain the seats of Braddon, Fremantle, Perth and Longman and pick up Mayo in South Australia.

The government’s parliamentary win on personal income tax cuts could give Liberal candidates a popularity boost.

There has been speculation if Labor loses one or two seats there could be pressure on Mr Shorten’s leadership.

Mr Pyne said there was “absolutely no expectation” the Liberals would win any of the by-elections, but if Labor lost it would put its leader “in very serious strife”.

Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek said the party was focused on policy not personalities.

“Bill Shorten is a fantastic leader of the Labor party,” she said.

“We’ve never been stronger and more united than we are under Bill’s leadership. We’ve got fantastic policy out there. We’ve got fantastic people.”

She said the Liberals had been focused on themselves and marked down for it.

Labor has led the coalition in more than 30 consecutive Newspolls.

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