Gig guide August 17

GIG OF THE WEEK: Raave Tapes are headlining a massive indie showcase on Sunday at iconic Newcastle nightclub Argyle House.MUSIC5 SawyersFriday, AK Morris. Saturday, DJ Perry Carter. Sunday, Sunday’s Record.
Nanjing Night Net

Adamstown Uniting ChurchSunday,John Paul Young, Heather Price, Warren Morgan, Christ Church Camerata String Quartet.

Anna Bay TavernSaturday, Counterpart.

Argyle HouseSaturday, Hotel Motel. Sunday, Raave Tapes,dave,E4444e,Fritz,Froyo,Good Boy,Jacob,King Single,Kwame,Lutra,Mezko,Mix Mama,Moaning Lisa,Oilbaron,Tees,treasuretroves,Underachiever, Vacations,Voiid.

Australia HotelSaturday, Smoke N Mirrors.

Bar Petite Friday, Kylie Jane.

Battlesticks BarThursday,Richard Walker.Friday,Robbie Long.Saturday,Pana.Sunday,Nicko.

Bay Hotel Saturday, Gen-X.

Beach Hotel Friday,Battle Of The Bands – Heat 2. Sunday, Thread.

Belmont 16sFriday, The Rockin’ Eddie Band, Kellie Cain. Saturday, Ryan Daley, Anthology. Sunday, Stephen R. Cheney.

Belmore Hotel Saturday, StateFX.

Beresfield Bowling Club Friday, Hurricane Fall. Saturday, Loko. Sunday, Red Dirt Country Band.

Blackbutt HotelFriday, Kelly Hope.

The Black Malabar Saturday,Moussa Diakite& Wassado. Sunday, Damian Wright.

The BradfordFriday, Mardmax.Saturday, Zac & Ben.

Burwood InnSaturday, DJ Tone.

Cambridge Hotel Thursday, Loud Love ft. Mark Cashin, Paul Coxon, Ross Flynn, Chris Hamall, Ken Jewell, Justin Ngariki, Lee Rolfe, Kane Starkey, Amy Vee, Viagro. Friday, Fortunes. Saturday,Life.Love.Regret, Taking Sides, Choke, Stone Age,The Hard Word. Sunday, L D R U, Amastro.

Cardiff RSL Club Friday, Jayde Corner. Saturday, 4 Letter Word.

Catho PubSaturday, John Larder.Sunday, The V Dubs.

Caves Beachside Hotel Sunday, Aya.

Central Charlestown Leagues Club Friday, The Andy Show. Saturday, Marissa.

Central HotelStroudSaturday, Four To The Floor.

Charlestown Bowling Club Friday, Damien. Saturday, Jon Schatz.

Clarendon Hotel Friday, Jon Schatz. Saturday, Phil McKnight.

Club KotaraSaturday, Daniel Arvidson.

Club LemonTree Friday, Chad Shuttleworth. Saturday, Solid Gold Party.

Club Maitland City Friday, Jackson Halliday.

Commercial HotelBoolarooFriday, Hayden Johns.

Colliery InnFriday, Big Pete.

Commercial Hotel MorpethFriday, Murray Byfield.Saturday, Gaz N Gaz.

Country Club Hotel Shoal Bay Saturday, Redline.

Criterion Hotel Carrington Saturday, Roxy. Sunday, Jon Schatz.

Criterion Hotel WestonSaturday, Dos Eager.

Crown & Anchor HotelSunday, Alias Duo.

Customs HouseFriday, Ben Travis. Saturday, Karen O’Shea. Sunday, Ashley Knight.

Cypress Lakes Friday, Michael Muchow. Saturday, Emily Smith.

D’Albora Marina Sunday, Joel Oakhill.

Denman HotelSunday, Jared Scott.

Duke Of WellingtonFriday,Brien McVernon.Saturday,Greg Bryce Duo.

East Maitland Bowling Club Friday, Snape Trilogy. Saturday, Triple Zero. Sunday, Zane Penn.

Edgeworth Bowling Club Sunday, Troy Kemp.

The EdwardsFriday, Aubrey,Mahala Williams, High Estate,Belle Badi. Saturday,The Dew Cats.

Exchange Hotel Friday, Rocket. Saturday, Soundabout.

Family Hotel MaitlandFriday, Lennie Live.

Finnegans Saturday, Savage.

FogHorn Brewhouse Friday, Gareth Hudson. Saturday, Jacob & Laura.

Gallipoli Legion Club Saturday, Trancemission.

Gateshead TavernFriday,Trataka.Sunday,Darren Rolling Keys.

George Tavern Friday, Lauren Arms. Saturday, Kim & Mik.

Grain StoreSaturday,Kylie Jane.Sunday,JJ King.

Grand Hotel Tuesday, Sheryl Bailey Quartet.

Grand Junction Hotel Friday, Autumn Hearts, Lennie Tranter. Saturday, Dan Brodie. Sunday, Floyd Vincent.

Great Northern Hotel Teralba Saturday, Bonny Rai.

Greenroof Hotel Friday, Jason Bone.

Gunyah Hotel Saturday, Project X. Sunday, 24 Hours.

​Hamilton Station HotelThursday, Black Jesus, Darkhorse, Disparo, Obat Batuk. Friday,Beast Machine, Stone Empire,Strickun,The Defiant Few. Saturday,PurEnvY, FireFish,Age Of Emergence.

Harrigan’s Pokolbin Friday, Dos Eager. Saturday, Rob Long, Alias. Sunday, Levymen.

Hexham Bowling Club Friday, Matt Gaudry. Saturday, Rendezvous.

Honeysuckle Hotel Friday, Tim Harding. Saturday, Hurricane Fall. Sunday, Bobby C, CrocQ.

Hotel Delany Friday, 4 Letter Word. Saturday, Loose Bazooka.

Hotel Jesmond Friday, Michael Mills.

Jewells Tavern Saturday, Snape Trilogy.

Junction Hotel Friday, Kaylah Anne.

Kent HotelFriday, Triple Zero. Saturday, Shivoo. Sunday, Blues Bombers.

King Street Hotel Friday, Defqon 1. DJ contest. Sunday, Benny Cue.

Lake Macquarie Tavern Friday, Tom Christie.

Lake Macquarie Yacht ClubSunday, Jamie Martens.

Lambton Park HotelFriday, GrantWalmsleyDuo Unplugged.

Lass O’GowrieFriday,Underachiever,Capes,Royal Chant. Saturday, Monkeypig, Picture Perfect, Something Something Explosion, Alex Martin.

Lizotte’sFriday, George Michael Relived. Saturday, Shane Nicholson, Imogen Clark. Sunday, Stars, Kevin Bennett.

Lochinvar Hotel Saturday, Anyerin.

Lucky Hotel Friday, Max Jackson. Saturday, Kylie Jane.

Mark HotelFriday,Tim Harding.Saturday,Phonic Duo.Sunday,The Big Bang Quartet.

Mary Ellen Friday, Dream Catchers. Saturday, Blues Bombers. Sunday, Bonny Rai.

Maryland Tavern Friday, Pete Hibbert. Saturday, 2GoodReasons.

Mavericks On The Bay Friday, Roxy. Saturday, Jon Matthews. Sunday, Damien.

Mavericks On Darby Friday, Jerome. Saturday, Ben Travis.

Mayfield Ex-Services ClubFriday, Darren Rolling Keys Duo, The Rumour.

Metropolitan Hotel Maitland Friday, Boltman. Saturday, Marriah.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend DiggersFriday,Shivoo, Jade Hurley.Saturday,Cruzers.Sunday,Loko.

Muree Golf ClubFriday,Lee Rolfe.

Murray’s Brewery Saturday, Amy Fredes. Sunday, Nano.

Nag’s Head Hotel Saturday, Pap & That.

Neath Hotel Saturday, Jason Ray.

Nelson Bay Diggers Friday, Fabba,The Way.Saturday, Spank N The Monkey. Sunday, Daniel Arvidson.

Nelson Bay Golf Club Sunday, Marissa.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Sunday, Jason Bone.

Northern Star HotelFriday,John Larder.Saturday,Codi Kaye.

Pedens CessnockFriday, Layth Gunn.Saturday, Defaced.

Pelican RSL ClubSaturday, Smokin Rosie.

Pippis At The Point Friday, Pete Gelzinnis, Zane Penn. Saturday, The DuoTones. Sunday, Arley Black.

Potters Brewery Friday, Karen O’Shea.

The PourhouseSaturday, Layth Gunn.

Premier Hotel Friday, Bryn Leonard England, Chloe Parker. Saturday, Evergreen. Sunday, Melbourne Street.

Prince of Wales HotelFriday, Indie–A-Go-Go DJs Tinman, Decaf & Tone, The Cat’s Pyjamas.Saturday,Ngariki.

Queens Wharf Hotel Friday, Anyerin, Grand Obsession. Saturday, Zac & George, Deuce. Sunday, Snape Trilogy, Wharf Life DJs.

Redhead Bowling Club Saturday, The Leadbellies.

Royal Hotel SingletonSunday, Witchery.

Royal Motor Yacht Club TorontoFriday,Brett O’Malley.Sunday, Jackson Halliday.

Rutherford Hotel Saturday, Todd Schmoo.

Seabreeze HotelFriday, Loko.Sunday, Sarah Christine.

Shenanigans at the ImperialFriday,Tim Rossington.Saturday,Brent Murphy.

Shortland Hotel Friday, Mike Vee. Saturday, Kevin O’Hara.

Small Ballroom Thursday,PurEnvY, Pänik, Reaver, Reaper,Thrash Bandicoot.

Soldiers Point Bowling Club Friday, Two Left Feet. Saturday, The Beach Boys Show.

South Newcastle Leagues Club Saturday, Zane Penn.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Friday,The Main Guy & The Other Guys,Rose & The Sea,Georgie Jones. Saturday,Time On Earth,Cigars of The Pharaoh,Syntax Error.

Star Hotel Saturday, Tre Soul. Sunday, Bruce Mathiske.

Station Hotel Kurri KurriSaturday, Robbie T.

Stockton Bowling Club Friday, Phil McKnight.

Stockton RSLClub Saturday, Jumpin Jukebox.

Sunnyside Tavern Friday, Ryan Daley.

Swansea Hotel Sunday, Todd Schmoo.

Swansea RSLClub Saturday, Live Baby Live –INXS show.

Tanilba Bay Golf ClubFriday, Allan Freihaut.

Tea Gardens Country ClubSaturday, Whiskey Business Duo.

Tilligerry RSLFriday, Purple Hearts.Saturday, Brett O’Malley.

Toronto Diggers Saturday, John Noble.

Toronto Hotel Friday, Redline.

Toronto Workers Saturday, Karen O’Shea. Sunday, Rock Factor.

Town Hall Hotel Saturday, Kellie Cain.

Victoria Hotel Hinton Saturday, Damien. Sunday, Greg Bryce.

Wangi Wangi RSLClub Sunday, Lennie Live.

Warners At The Bay Friday, Matt McLaren. Saturday, Arley & I.

Warners Bay Hotel Saturday, Misbehave.​

Wests Cardiff Saturday, Nightmoves.

Wests New LambtonThursday,Angamus.Friday, Gen-R-8.Saturday, Mark Wells Duo.Sunday, Doug Parkinson honours Joe Cocker. Tuesday, Angamus.

West Wallsend Workers Club Friday, Troy Kemp.

Wickham Park HotelThursday, Dan Brodie.Friday,DV8.Saturday,Grant Walmsley Unplugged,The Years.Sunday,Tim Rossington,Steve Edmonds.

Windale Gateshead Bowling Club Friday, The V Dubs.

Windsor Castle Hotel Saturday, Jessica Cain, Nightmoves.

MOVIES20thCentury Women (M)The story of a teenage boy, his mother, and two other women who help raise him among the love and freedom of Southern California of 1979. (Regal)

A Quiet Passion (PG)The story of American poet Emily Dickinson from her early days as a young schoolgirl to her later years as a reclusive, unrecognized artist. (Regal)

Annabelle: Creation(MA)A dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.

Atomic Blonde(MA)An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents.

Baby Driver(MA)A talented, young getaway driver relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. When he meets the girl of his dreams, hesees a chance to ditch his criminal life and make a clean getaway.

Cars 3(G)Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he’s still the best race car in the world.

Churchill(M)Jonathan Teplitzky’s historical drama about Winston Churchill’s objections to the risky D-Day invasion plan. Wracked with guilt over his role in Gallipoli, Churchill fears making the same mistake twice. (Regal)

Despicable Me 3(PG)Balthazar Bratt, a child star from the 1980s, hatches a scheme for world domination.

Dunkirk(M)Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.

Elvis: That’s The Way It Is (G)The film documents American singerElvis Presley’s Summer Festival inLas Vegasduring August 1970. (Regal)

It’s Only the End of the World (M)Louis,a terminally ill writer, returns home after a long absence to tell his family that he is dying. (Tower)

Hampstead (PG) American widow Emily Walters feels like she is drifting aimlessly through life. Then she meets Donald, who has lived harmoniously on the Heath for 17 years in a ramshackle hut.

Logan Lucky (M)Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.

Paris Can Wait (PG)A woman at a crossroads traveling to Cannes along with her successful film producer husband, finds herself on a two-day road trip with his business associate. (Lake Cinema)

Spider-Man: Homecoming(M) Ayoung Peter Parker/Spider-Man begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging superhero.

The Big Sick(M)A couple deals with their cultural differences as their relationship grows.

The Dark Tower (M)The last Knight Warrior, Roland Deschainhas been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim, also known as the Man in Black determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together.

The Eagle Huntress(G)A 13-year-old girl trains to become the first female eagle hunter in the 1,000-year history of her family’s tribe. (Regal)

The Promise(M)Set during the last days of the Ottoman Empire, it follows a love triangle between Mikael, a brilliant medical student, the beautiful and sophisticated artist Ana, and Chris – a renowned American journalist based in Paris. (Regal)

The Snow Queen: Fire and Ice (PG) After heroically defeating both the Snow Queen and the Snow King, Gerda still cannot find peace. Her dream is to find her parents who were once taken away from them by the North Wind and finally reunite the family.

The Time Of Their Lives(M)A former Hollywood star enlists the help of a new friend in order to journey from London to France for her ex-lover’s funeral, with the various mishaps en route making the trip unforgettable.

The Trip To Spain(M)Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embark on a 6 part episodic road trip through Spain. Sampling the restaurants, eateries and sights along the way. (Tower)

The Zoo Keeper’s Wife(M)A heroic Polish couple help save hundreds of people and animals during WWII by sheltering them in the basement of the Warsaw zoo. (Regal)

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (M)In the 28th century, Valerian and Laureline are special operatives charged with maintaining order throughout the universe.

War for the Planet of the Apes(M)A nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar becomes embroiled in a battle with an army of humans.

THEATRE2017 Micro Theatre FestivalNew short plays written and staged by Newcastle and Hunterpeople. Each venue has performances at 7pm from Tuesday, August 22, to Saturday,August 26.Curve Gallery, Newcastle: The End of the Day, by Mark Konik; Do Not Touch, by JuliaLewis; This Morning, by Debra Hely; Spaceman and Executioner, by Tristram Baumber.The Press Bookhouse, Newcastle: Elementary, by Kylie Farrugia and Tracey Dwyer; Grass, by Carl Caulfield; 梧桐夜网seniourdating南京夜网, by Peter King; The Almighty Bank Home Loan,by Simon Tonkin.Vinyl Cafe, Newcastle: History Lesson, by Simon Tonkin; Space Commander versus the MudMonsters, by Frank Leggett; Dinner for Two, writer and director Danielle Asquith; TheInterview, by Sally Davies.Studio21 Artspace, Hamilton: Late, by Helen Hopcroft; The Water’s Edge, by Michael Lill;He Said It Was At 12, by Sheree Christoffersen; The Pitch, by Kylie Farrugia and TraceyDwyer.

Cirque AfricaPerformers from six African countries deliver their homelands’ acrobatics,dance, songs and comedy. Cessnock Performing Arts Centre, Thursday, August 17, at7.30pm.

Les MiserablesA prisoner jailed for stealing a loaf of bread helps care for people after hisrelease and becomes involved in a revolt against a corrupt regime; spectacular musical set in19th century France. Metropolitan Players, at the Civic Theatre, Newcastle. Wednesday,Friday and Saturday, at 8pm, plus 2pm Saturday, until August 26, and a 2pm showon Sunday, August 20.

Love’s Labour’s LostA young king who has sworn off women while he studies is visitedby an attractive princess; amusing Shakespeare look at relationships. Reamus Youth Theatre,at Maitland Repertory Theatre. Friday and Saturday at 8pm, until August 26, plus 2pmSundayon August 20.

The Game’s AfootAn actor who has played Sherlock Holmes throughout his career sets upan investigation at a Christmas party after someone tries to kill him; comedy-drama byKen Ludwig. Theatre on Brunker, at St Stephen’s Anglican Church Hall, Adamstown. Fridayand Saturday, dinner and show at 7pm, show only at 8pm, until September 2.

Fine wines even in dry times

VINE TIME: Keith Tulloch and daughter Jess in rows of Shiraz vines at Keith Tulloch Wine Pokolbin.It may one of the driest winters on record but that won’t stopHunter vignerons producing some top drops fromthe2018 vintage.
Nanjing Night Net

With little rain in sight just prior to next month’s bud burst,the region’s wine producers are poised to start irrigating vines in preparation for the 2018 vintage.

Keith Tulloch of Keith Tulloch Wine said in a perfect world he would like to see about 50 millimetres of rain priorto bud burst.

“We had about 10 millimetres last week which was a good startbut no where near the ammountwe would like to see in the lead up to Spring,” Mr Tulloch said.

“These conditions affect all varieties equally but it could result in Chardonnay starting to shoot a little earlierand then Semillon straight after that,” he said.

“I think everyone would smile if we had 50 millimetres of rain in the form of nice steady rainfall over a couple of days.

“Rain would give a helpful supplement, and that would provideanother boost to vine growth into mid-Spring.”

Mr Tulloch said Hunter Valley vineyards are“insulated” from drought with the Pokolbin district able to obtain water from the Hunter River.

“All vineyards in the valley are prepared, in case we don’t get enough rainfall, to start irrigating to get the grapes to the best standard they need.

“That’s an important message to get across that even though we haven’t had rain it doesn’t stop the start of the season from being a successful one. We do have a lot ofvineyards that have available water in dam storage as well as water from the Hunter River pipeline to maximise our opportunity.

“In other words even though we are going through dry times there will be no shortage of good quality Hunter wines come out of the 2018 harvest,” Mr Tulloch said.

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Meteorology said August looksslightly better in terms of rain.

In July Maitland received 0.6 millimetres over two days. So far this monthMaitland has already received seven millimetres,however the forecast for the next week includes a five per cent chance of less than five millimetres of rain on Friday and a 10 per cent chance of less than five millimetres on Saturday.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Coal attitudes ‘polarised’

Cessnock MP Clayton Barr, Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen and NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee in a panel discussion at the NSW Mining conference. Picture: Nick BielbyThey may be on opposite sides of the political fence, but Labor Cessnock MP Clayton Barr and Nationals Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen agree that communication is the key to helpingcommunities better understand the future of coal.
Nanjing Night Net

About600 people attended the first day ofthe NSW Mining Health, Safety and Environment Conference atCrowne Plaza Hunter Valley on Monday.

In a panel discussion with Mr Barrand NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee, Mr Johnsen said he believed those who were “agnostic” or wanted more information about the coal industrywouldsway broader community attitudes.

He said the industry’s communication with the general public had significantly improved in the past decade, but could get better.

“If you’re proud of what you do, show it,” Mr Johnsen said.

Mr Barr said arguments about the future of coalwere “sopolarised” and the truth was somewhere in the middle.

He said the mining industry and politicians had notprosecutedthe case for the future of coal well enough tohelpthe general public understand that the issue was far from “a simple light switch yes or no solution”.

“We have to articulatebetter the future of coal and what that looks like,” he said.

“I think there are too many people who want the industry shut down yesterday who have no real sense of the impacts locally and globally.”

Anti-mining protesters out front of Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley on Monday. Picture: Nick Bielby

Thedivide in opinionwas on show on Monday, as about 40 protesters picketedCrowne Plaza’s front gateas the conference began.

Hunter Communities Network spokesperson Bev Smiles, who organised the protest, said the NSW Government should assessthe cumulative impacts of mines and mining proposals.

“It’s been five years since the NSW Government promised to ensure that the cumulative impacts of coal mining would be addressed,” she said.

“Since then more and more mine projects have spread across the Hunter, clearing the bush, choking the air and driving people from their homes.”

A range of environmental, planning and engineering experts spoke on the first day of the conference. Theydiscussed issues such asthe challenges the mining industry faces, the myths surrounding Australia’s energy future and the importance of high-efficiency low-emissiontechnology.

NSW Resources Minister Don Harwin gives his keynote address. Picture: Nick Bielby

“I know that the exploration, extraction and processing of our minerals is essential not just to NSW’s history, but to its future,” NSW Resources Minister Don Harwin said.

The conference finishes on Wednesday.

Survey shows support for Hunter minesThe Hunter’s mining industry has strong support from the region’s communities, according to the results of a new survey.

But critics say the ReachTel phone poll, conducted for NSW Mining, surveyed areas where many mining industry employees live.The poll, which surveyed 2000 people across the Maitland, Cessnock and Upper Hunter state electorates last week, found that 62 per cent of respondents supported the Hunter’s mining industry,18 per cent opposed it and20 per cent were neutral.

NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee.

Meanwhile 79 per cent of respondents believed mining was important to a strong economic future for the Hunter.

“While we welcome this ongoing support for mining, we also understand that some in the community do have different views and concerns,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said.

Bev Smiles, a spokesperson foranti-mining activist group Hunter Communities Network, said many workers from Hunter mines livedin the locations surveyed,which could explain the high level of support.

“It’s those of us that live 24 hours a day with mines that are as close as 1.5kmto our communities that are living with the dust, the noise, the blasts and all of those environmental impacts,” she said.

Missing girl would turn 18 this week

A woman, who cannot be identified, is accused of murdering her 16-month-old daughter. IF she is still alive somewhere, then the young girl at the centre of a murder trial in Newcastle Supreme Court, who disappeared without a trace from Scone more than 16 years ago, will be turning 18 this week.
Nanjing Night Net

Whether or not the girl –who was about 16 months old when she was last seen in either late 2000 or early 2001 –is indeed still alive is the first key questionJustice Robert Allan Hulme will have to determine during his deliberations this week.

The girl’s mother, who cannot be identified, has faced a five-week judge-alone trial,accused of murderingher daughter between Christmas Day, 2000 and Christmas Day, 2001.

Authoritiesdidn’t realise the toddler was missing until 2004, when the woman gave birth to another girl and community services became involved.

The trial previously heard that the mother has repeatedly told varying stories about the whereabouts of her daughter.

But the common theme among the tales she has toldis that the girl is alive, she is safe and she is living with an elderly couple in an informal, non-documented care arrangement.

On Friday, Crown prosecutor Lee Carr delivered his closing address, asking Justice Hulme to accept that there is nothing to suggest the young girl is still alive.

“It’s now close to 16 years since [the girl] went missing,” Mr Carr said.

“In that time there are no sightings of the child by any known person and that is despite extensive searches by police officers. “There is not one medical record in existence for this child since 2000.”

During his closing address, defence barrister Tim Gartelmann, SC, said even if it was not possible to establish the exact time of the young girl’s disappearance, there was “ample evidence” establishing that the mother was “unable to think rationally about her actions” during that period.

During his deliberations, Justice Hulme must first determine if the prosecution has established that the young girl is dead before considering if her deathwas caused by a deliberate act at the hands of her mother.

But if those elements are proven, the motherstill has available to her a defence of mental illness, with Justice Hulme then left to determine if she was suffering from an abnormality of the mind at the relevant time making herunable to appreciate whether her acts were right or wrong, the court heard.

Justice Hulme will deliver his judgement on Friday.

Matt Preston has the last laugh as Hell’s Kitchen sinks

Pierre White addresses the celebrity contestants before they serve customers. Photo: SevenIt seems Matt Preston will have the last laugh overMasterChef colleague-turned-rival, Marco Pierre White.
Nanjing Night Net

In May, Pierre White revealed he quit the Channel Ten cooking show over Preston’s comments about his son. “With my hand on my mother’s grave, I will get that man,” the British chef vowed.

But not all is going to plan.

Last week, Pierre White launchedHell’s Kitchenon Seven. The celebrity cooking contest –featuring formerBacheloretteSam Frost, so-called “super nerd” Issa Schultz and One Nation co-founder David Oldfield –debuted with 817,000 city viewers.

By Sunday night, its audience had dwindled to 544,000. This is less than half the 1.29 million who watchedThe Block, giving Nine the No. 1 show of the evening. It’s also below the 622,000 who tuned intoSurvivoron Ten, One or Eleven. (Ten “roadblocked” the series across its three channels to boost ratings.)

Matt Preston, right, with Marco Pierre White – before he defected from MasterChef to Hell’s Kitchen. Photo: Ten

A Seven spokesman told Fairfax Media the show would not be dumpedfrom its prime time slot.

“Marco and the team have delivered a beautifully produced show and our celebrity cooks are only just starting to shine,” he said. “It’s an excellent program in a competitive landscape.”

In 2016, Preston gave an interview to theKyle and Jackie Oradio program. At the time, Marco Pierre White Junior was making headlines for allegedly cheating on his fiance in the UK’sCelebrity Big Brotherhouse –and spending around $500,000 of his father’s money on drugs and sex workers.

“I think it is that terrible thing when you have kids that go off the rails, how do you deal with it?” Prestonsaid.

“Anyone who has tattoos on their face they normally behave badly, don’t they? They have kind of crossed through a barrier at that point.”

Pierre White reportedlyresponded: “The things he said about my son in the British press were disgraceful. No one should ever say that about someone else’s children.”

Then Pierre White Junior weighed in by tweeting a photo of Preston with penis drawn ontohis head.

In a series of now-deleted posts, he fumed: “Matt Preston from master chef has never met me what a c–t if I ever cross paths with the fat f–k I’ll slap him up in front of his family … your a dumb f–k messing with the Pierre white family … what an ass hole can’t wait to watch your career go down the drain [sic].”

The next day, Pierre White Junior apologised for his outburst on –you guessed it –theKyle and Jackie Oshow: “I shouldn’t have said what I said; I was angry at the time, that’s why I deleted [the comments].”

Afterwards, he tweeted a thank you to his hosts –while plugginghis new range of sex toys.


— Marco Pierre White (@mpw_jnr) May 6, 2017

Between 2011 and 2016, Pierre White appeared as a mentor and guest judge on five seasons of MasterChef. BeforeHell’s Kitchenlaunched, he told Fairfax Media he had “no feud with Matt Preston … I was brought into a situation;I didn’t create a situation.”

Referring to the celebrity cast, he joked: “Didn’t recognise one of them, not one. As far as I was concerned, I was the most famous person in the room.”

Unfortunately, some viewers agree.

“Just like the rest of us, these celebrities don’t know who each other are,” tweeted one.

“Who are these celebs on HellsKitchenAu?” asked another. “I know Pippa [formerHome and Awayactor Debra Lawrance] and that’s all.”

Replying to a tweet describingthe cast as “no name celebs”, Oldfield said: “Keep in mind, they call us celebs, I’ve never portrayed myself as such.”

So far this year, the Seven networkhas won nearly all the official ratings weeks, averaging29.7 per cent of prime time city viewers. While this represents a slight decrease of 0.3 percentage points, compared to the same time last year, Nine is up 1.9 points to 28.1 per cent.

Ten’s suite of channels are in third place with 18.3 per cent, followed by ABC’s 16.8 per cent and SBS’s 7.1 per cent.

By Nine’s own measurement,Todayhas already lost 2017 toSunrise, given the latter has won more than half of the 40 ratings weeks.

In the five major cities,Sunriseis averaging 294,000 toToday’s285,000.

Workers cleaned out of $100,000

DEVASTATED: Ray and Teresa Henderson lost $100,000 from an accident payout after being groomed by Newcastle fraudster Lemuel Page for more than a year. Picture: Max Mason-HubersSPECIAL INVESTIGATIONThe big talkerLies that lie beneathGem of a tall talePainful lessonWHEN Ray Henderson was hit by a car that shattered his leg from the knee down, it seemed life could not get any worse.
Nanjing Night Net

He was in a wheelchair for six months and couldn’t work for more than a year.

His career as a chef was over.

An insurance company put a price tag on the lifetime of pain and suffering he hasto endure from the metal plate drilled to support the shattered bone from his cracked kneecap to his busted ankle and gave him a payout.

Optimistic by nature, Mr Henderson used the money to buy a house and start Jesterz, a mobile car-detailing business, with his wife Teresa.

The couple thought they were on a sure thing when they were introducedthrough a client who lived in apartments overlooking Newcastle Beachto their wealthy neighbour, Lemuel Page, who drove a host of luxury cars.

Page drives a $200,000 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon with the two-digit NSW heritage number plate “85” which is valued at several hundred thousand dollars. His partner, Renay Bull, who runs Happy Feet Podiatry at The Junction, drives a convertible Porsche.

DEAL: Page told the Hendersons they had invested $100,000 in this Robertson St, Carrington, property.

Page used to have a motor dealer’s licence, which has since been transferred to his ex-wife Fiona Page, and kept an original GT Monaro and other luxury cars in a storage shed at Wickham.

He seemed the perfect client for a fledgling car-detailing business.

The Hendersons soon went from detailing Page’s cars to cleaning his numerous properties, including student accommodation and flats, throughout Newcastle.

DE FACTO: Newcastle con man Lemuel Page and his long-term partner, Newcastle podiatrist, Renay Bull.

What the hard-working couple didn’t know was that they were being groomed, like so many before them, by the affable self-styled property developer.

“He seemed to have cars and properties everywhere and it wasn’t long before he was our main client,” Mr Henderson said.

“He used to like to take us on tours of everything he owned or he’d call up while we were working and tell us to drop what we were doing and meet him for coffee. There was never any business discussion.”

Page would take them to Talulah, acafé at The Junction, where after more than a year he eventually pitched his investment idea over coffee, convincing them that their financial position would improve if they invested with him.

The Hendersons, who by now trusted Page, gave him a cheque for$100,000 in March 2013 – all that remainedfrom the accident payout –thinking they were investing inaCarrington property.

“He knew about the money because I mentioned one day I had a sore leg and he asked why,” Mr Henderson said. “Then this property deal in Carrington comes up. It was meant to be a quick renovation, splitting one property into two titles and we’d get part of the profit.”

The Hendersons never saw their money again.

LUXURY: Lemuel Page getting into his Mercedes-Benz G Wagon 4WD in The Junction.

It took several months for the couple to smell a rat. Nothing was happening at the property and they wanted to know why. Page stopped returning their calls.

The days became weeks, the weeks became months, and the money never arrived. The stress of losing their nest egg led to marriage problems and Mr Henderson suffered depression. Desperate, the couple went to a lawyer and had a caveat placed on the property.

“Pagerang us at 11.30pm on a Sunday, [and] was yelling and carrying on when he found out about the caveat,” Mrs Henderson said. “He was furious and threatened he would sink us unless we had the caveat removed.”

The property at 21-23Robertson Street, Carrington, was purchased in May 2012by Page’s company Elefteria Properties through Street Real Estate for $380,000.

The “partially renovated”property, which contained two units on one title,was sold in August last year to help fund a courtjudgementthatordered Page to repay $2.8 million to one of his victims.

The property was sold by Street Real Estate to a company partially owned by Page’s de facto wife,Renay Bull, for $800,000. Ms Bull’s company, Yipeeo, hadthe properties subdivided and sold onein May for $595,000.

To Mr Henderson, such a situation is ludicrous.

“We thought we were safe because we had thecaveat,” he said. “National Australia Bank took all the moneybecause ithad firstmortgageand Page’s girlfriend bought it. The whole thing stinks.”

The NAB declined to comment dueto client privacy.

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Read part four in Wednesday’s Herald.


Australia’s Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has dual New Zealand citizenship

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during question time on Monday. Photo: Alex EllinghausenAustralia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has New Zealand citizenship, New Zealand’s Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne’s office has confirmed.
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This makes him ineligible to stand for Parliament as only sole-Australian citizens may do so.

Dunne’s office toldStuffthat the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) looked into the matter after receiving questions from Fairfax Media Australia last week.

They received legal advice that Joyce was a citizen by descent, as his father was born in New Zealand. DIA thenhad this checked by Crown Law, and then conveyed this advice to Dunne and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Wednesday.

However DIA is at this point not confirming this.Joyce has asked the Australian government to refer him to the High Court after he wasaskeda series of questions about whether hecould be a dual citizen of New Zealand.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during question time on Monday. Photo: Andrew Meares

READ MORE: What Barnaby said when other pollies got caught out on citizenship

Joycesays he has advice from the Australian Government Solicitor that he is in the clear.

But the New Zealand High Commission has told him he might be aNew Zealand citizen by descent.

Joycesays he was “shocked” to hear that.

In shock developments at Parliament House on Monday, Joyce became the latest potential victim of a worseningcitizenship sagaafter extensive investigations revealed he inherited dual citizenship through his father, who was born in New Zealand.

The Deputy Prime Minister wasborn in Australia and has never applied for New Zealand citizenship

He told Parliament he had decided to refer himself to the High Court for clarification but would not resign from cabinet and would remain as the member for New England.

“I was born in Tamworth, just as my mother and my great-grandma was born there 100 years earlier,” he said.

“Neither I, nor my parents have ever had any reason to believe I may be a citizen of another country. I was born in Australia in 1967 to an Australian mother and think I am fifth-generation. My father was born in New Zealand and came to Australia in 1947 as a British subject. In fact we were all British subjects at that time.

“The government has taken legal advice from the solicitor-general. On the basis of the solicitor-general’s advice, the government is of the firm view that I would not be found to be disqualified by the operation of section 44 of the constitution from serving as the member of New England. However, to provide clarification to this very important area of the law, for this and future parliaments, I have asked the government to refer the matter.

“Given the strength of the legal advice the government has received, the Prime Minister has asked that I remain as Deputy Prime Minister and continue my ministerial duties.”

But experts believe Joyce could well bea dual citizen, potentially disqualifying him from Australian Parliament and putting the Turnbull government’s slim majority at risk.

Under New Zealand law anyone born overseas to a New Zealand father between 1949 and 1978 is considered a “citizen by descent”.

Joyce’s father James Michael Joyce was born inDunedin in January 1924, according to Australian Securities and Investment Commission company records. He moved to Sydney to attend university, later married and settled in NSW.

Joyce has not been through any formal renunciation process and his office cannot say whether his father – now in his 90s – ever renounced. While the older Joyce was born a British subject, it’s believed he became a New Zealand citizen with the passage of a 1948 citizenship law.

Crucially, experts say New Zealandlaw – section 7 of the British Nationality and New Zealand Citizenship Act – confers citizenship by descent automatically, and does not need to be activated.

While there is a process for registering New Zealand citizenship by descent in order to attain a passport, University of Auckland international law expert Anna Hood believes that may not matter.

“If Barnaby’s father was indeed a New Zealand citizen in 1967 then it looks like Barnaby may have become a NZ citizen at birth courtesy of section 7 of the 1948 Act,” Hood said.

“There is a question about whether Barnaby or his parents would have had to register him as a NZ citizen. However, section 7 of the 1948 act does not explicitly require individuals born to NZ fathers to register their citizenship.”

Hood also points to another section of the act, which provides that every person born outside New Zealand between 1 January 1949 and 1 January 1978 shall be an NZ citizen by descent if born to a Kiwi father.

Joyce’s spokesman has previously said he independently established he was not a dual citizen “many years prior to entering Parliament”. However his office has not elaborated on what steps he took.

University of NSW constitutional law expert George Williams said Joyce could be “in some difficulty”.

“The only question here is he regarded under New Zealand law as a citizen? That’s not a question of activation – in fact this can happen without a person’s knowledge or consent,” Professor Williams said.

“It doesn’t even have to be registered, it’s just is he entitled to the benefits under their law should he wish to take them up? It doesn’t matter if he has. If he has that entitlement, that is what the constitution extends to.”

Anne Twomey from the University of Sydney believed Joyce’s case resembles that of fellow Nationals MP Matt Canavan, who was apparently given Italian citizenship by descent after his mother made an application on his behalf. The High Court judgement on Senator Canavan’s case could affect Joyce.

“The fact that another country can have these rules about citizenship by descent, which people have not the foggiest idea about, is potentially problematic. It may be that the High Court tries to wind these things back – so if you were born in Australia, and you haven’t taken any steps to gain any foreign citizenship, then maybe that is enough to avoid disqualification,” she said.

“We need to know whether the mere fact that you are descended from someone and that gives you the right to do something in relation to foreign citizenship – like obtaining a passport – is sufficient to trigger this or not? I am sure many politicians would like to know that.”

Comment was sought from the NZ Department of Internal Affairs last week, but they did not respond.

But on its official website, the department noted: “If you were born overseas and at least one of your parents is a New Zealand citizen by birth or grant, you are an NZ citizen by descent.”

In separate education material, the department says: “Like a citizen by birth, a New Zealand citizen by descent acquires his or her citizenship status automatically at the time of his or her birth. However many people choose to register their citizenship by descent status with the Citizenship Office of the Department of Internal Affairs in order to obtain a certificate to prove they are a New Zealand citizen.”

And in a 2015 press release, the department said: “Babies born in Australia and other countries to New Zealand parents are still Kiwis. Before an overseas based family brings their new baby home to meet the Kiwi cousins, they need to register him/her as a citizen by descent before they can apply for a New Zealand passport.”

The registration process involves filling out a form labelled “Confirmation of New Zealand Citizenship By Descent”, rather than calling it an application for citizenship. The registration process costs NZ$204.40.

Former independent MP Tony Windsor, who challenged Joyce for his seat of New England at the 2016 election, wouldn’t rule out another attempt if the citizenship fiasco triggered a by-election.

“It’s not front of mind but you never rule anything out in life,” Windsor, a long-time foe of the Nationals leader, said.

“If he’s ruled out, it’s a whole new ball game.”


Eviction threat makes tenant wary of rights

‘HOSTAGE’: Owen Ott, 28, was warned he could face an eviction if he appealed for a rent reduction, despite multiple issues with his Maryville rental property. Picture: Max Mason-HubersIT’S a frustration that almost every renterknows well.
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Owen Ott, a28-year-old rental tenant from Maryville, says he feels like he’s been “held hostage” by the real estate company that manages the property he leasesbecause of laws in NSW that allow landlords to cancel rental tenancies for no reason.

This week, the Newcastle Heraldreported a push from the Greens and Labor in NSW to change the Rental Tenancies Act to remove the ‘no grounds’provision that allows landlords to cancel a lease without a reason if they give 90 days notice.

The Greens housing spokeswoman Jenny Leong plans to move an amendment to the Act when it comes before parliament for review later this year.

Any change will come too late for Mr Ott, who recently purchased his first home, but after spending the last 18 months arguing with a Newcastle real estate companyover everything from stove tops that didn’t work to a roof that leaked when it rained, he says tenants should be given more protection.

“The system as it is is totally weighted against tenants, landlords reserve the right to walk into the home you pay to live in whenever they want [but] you don’t have the power to enforce your basic rights,” he said.

Earlier this year after months of hitting his head against a brick wall with hisproperty manager–Mr Ott likened the agency’sresponse to the cultural meme“cool story”, a sarcastic rejoinder to express disinterest –he decided to see what his options were.

“It got to thepoint after months of complaining literally nothing had happened, they hadn’t fixed anything,” he said.

Mr Ott contacted the Department of Fair Trading, and after explaining the long list of issues,wastold he could be entitled to claim a reduction in rent.

“(The advice was) based on the fact that what I was offered when I signed a lease was not being made available,” Mr Ott said.

But he faced what tenant advocates say is one of the biggest impediments to renters being able to exercise their rights under the Act.

“Basically the Fair Trading advice personsaid that because I was on a roll-over lease there was a good chance, they said it was possible or likely, that there would be repercussions for pursuing anything,” Mr Ott said.

“I said, ‘so what do I do’, and they basically told me‘that’s up to you’.

“I was like ‘OK thanks, glad I called’.”

The debatecomes after a discussion paper from June recommended the government makeno changes to no grounds evictions because of a need for landlords to “have certainty that they can regain possession of their property”.

Strike action underway at Glencore’s Hunter Valley operations

THE fight between the mining union and the country’s largest coal producer Glencore is continuing with workers from eight of the company’s Hunter Valley operations currently on a four-day strike.
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Starting on Sunday, the stoppagenow includes workers from Bulga and Ulan underground, in addition to thefiveopen cut mines and a coal pre-plant that have already held two other stoppages since the dispute began.

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) will host a meeting on Tuesday starting at 9.30am at the Singleton Showground to discuss with its members the ongoing battle with Glencore.

CFMEU, Northern District president, Peter Jordan said nothing had been resolved between our members and Glencore in regards to new Enterprise Agreements (EAs).

The EAs at thesites have expired –some a numbers of years ago and negotiations to date have not proved successful.

“We have been unable to negotiate aformalagreement with the company on the issues of redundancy pay, use of contractors and security of employment,” he said.

“In particular we are concerned about the rise in the numbers of contractors working at Glencore sites.”

Commenting on the recent announcement by Glencore that ithad signed an agreement with the new owners of Hunter Valley Operations (HVO), Yancoal Australia, to form a joint venture and for Glencore to managethe mine, Mr Jordan said the union and its members at HVO were very worried about the prospect of Glencore running HVO.

“Like their other sites, the HVO Enterprise Agreement is expired so we expect to see the same difficulties we are currently having to occur at this mine inthe future,” he said.

“We believe the deal with Yancoal will result in job losses at HVO.

“And, don’t be surprised if, in the future, they do another deal with Yancoal to manage Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW).

“I reckon once the HVO deal is bedded down, Glencore will start work on a deal to manage/operate MTW.

“The question then arises how big will Glencore be in the valley and where is the competition?”

In response to the strike action, Glencore issued a statement saying “We believe that the CFMEU is pushing a political campaign at the expense of the legitimate interests of our employees (its members).

“Despite us engaging in good faithbargainingfor some time, the CFMEU continues to misinform the public and its members in the mistaken belief that conflict is a way to create and enrich employment.

“The Enterprise Agreements we are negotiating at a number of our Hunter Valley coal operations retain workers’ rights to representation and remuneration well above the Australian average wage.

“It should also be remembered that from 2011 to 2016 there was a continuous reduction in the global coal price but during this time Glencore never pursued a reduction in wages for our employees.

Strike action underway at Glencore’s Hunter Valley operations TweetFacebookThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Scone rookie attracts Hong Kong investors

EYE-CATCHING: Another Sin and Corey Brown get up on the inside to win at Rosehill on Saturday. Picture: AAP Image/Daniel MunozSCONE trainer Brett Cavanough is fielding six offers from Hong Kong interests for Another Sin after the sprinter’s impressive first-start win at Rosehill on Saturday.
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Another Sin, a three-year-old, produced a strong front-running effort to land a $14-into-$3.20 betting plunge and become the first horse to win a Highway Handicap on its race debut.

The eye-catching victory prompted almost immediate interest from Hong Kong, and Cavanough was having X-rays taken of the Duporth gelding to prepare for a potential sale.

Cavanough paid only $65,000 for Another Sin at the Gold Coast Magic Millions yearling sales and was weighing up attractive bids.

“We’re just sitting on the fence fielding offers,” Cavanough said.

“We’ll just see what becomes of it, there’s no pressure. They just released a heap of permits up there and they haven’t got any sprinters, so they are justshopping.”

Meanwhile, the jockey who took Another Sin to victory, Corey Brown, will travel to Newcastle on Wednesday to trial group 1 winner The Mission for trainer Paul Perry.

Brown was aboard when The Mission won the group 3TLBaillieuHandicap in March at Rosehill. Damian Lane then rode The Mission to sixth in the Sires’ Produce and victory in the Champagne Stakes.

The now three-year-old Choisir colt returned with a second in a Gosford trial two weeks ago and is building towards a campaign aimed at the October 14 Caulfield Guineas.

Perry was pleased with The Mission’s first trial but was still unsure when hewould resume.

“Webrought him in to have plenty of time, so there’s no rush,” Perry said.

“There’s nothing concrete at this stage. There’s quite a few races he could go to, but it’s just about kicking him off right.

“He’s come along beautiful, right off the bat, and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

The Mission is down to meet fellow group 1 winner, the Kris Lees-trained Sense Of Occasion, in the only 1200-metre trial of Wednesday morning.

Like The Mission, the Doomben Cup winner has trialed once this time in and his trainer is yet to confirm a first-up target.

Sense Of Occasion was asked to do little when sixthin his opening trial at Gosford on August 2.

Lees, meanwhile, nominated last-start Missile Stakes winner Invincible Gem for the group 2 Warwick Stakes, featuring Winx,and group 3 Toy Show Quality at Randwick this Saturday but he indicated last week he was likely to head to the group 2 Tramway Stakes on September 2 with the exciting four-year-old mare.

In other news on Monday, Racing NSW’sDr David Duckworth reported jockey Chad Lever had been discharged from John Hunter Hospital that afternoon.

Lever suffered multiple injuries in a fall at Scone last Tuesday and was taken by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to Newcastle, where he has been under observation for a small bleed on his brain.

As well as the concussion, Lever sustained facial fractures, a damaged thumband had a large gash to his forehead sutured.

Lever is scheduled to see Dr Duckworth in Sydney on Tuesday “to follow up on treatment for his hand and facial fractures”.