Load off as colleagues lose truckload of weight SLIM: Nich Martin, Russell Niklaus, hypnotherapist James Duncan, Paul Cooper, Craig McPherson and Wayne Gilchrist. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE

Paul Cooper and Nich Martin.

TweetFacebookFor five Border truck drivers, the load they’recarrying is significantly lighter these days –having lost a combined 273 kilograms.

About 18 months agoCraigMcPherson tipped the scales at 180 kilograms but within six months he wasa different man, having lost 100kg.

Nine months on, Mr McPherson remains lessthan half his previous weight.

“Heaps has changed, I feel better, I’ve got more energy, medically I’m healthier,” he said.

Mr McPherson said being a truck driver previously meant plenty of fast food, but now he’s happy opting for the healthier option.

Fellow Green Freight colleagues Russell Niklaus lost 49.5kg in four months, Wayne Gilchrist 48.5kg in three months, Nich Martin 35kg in three months and Paul Cooper 40kg in 11 weeks.

Mr Cooper said after seeing the massive change in Mr McPherson, he was confident he could lose weight too.

“I’ve been big most of my life, I’d tried other diets and I’d lost weight but I always put it back on,” he said.

“The motivation to keep going is there every day on the scales, I was losing about 500g a day.”

And the men attribute their results not to exercise –but to hypnotherapy.

Theyall attendedRiverina Hypnotherapy’s Shrink seminars, which owner James Duncan says focus on addressingstress.

Mr Duncan said by addressing the stressesbehind weight gain and overeating, participants –including himself –can lose significant weight and keep it off.

“If you want to get skinny you have to get healthy,” he said.

Mr Gilchrist said the program puts participants on a 500 calorie diet and he hada great support network at work, with Craig and Paul already having shed the kilos.

“I’d triedshakes before and diets but it’s often hard to cook when you’re driving,” he said.

“With this there’s a bit of preparation but it’s not hard.

“And you don’t get hungry, it’s just a matter of preparing.

“It was great to have the support of they guys, we could talk about it and especially because I wasn’t losing weight as fast.”

Mr McPherson said when he started trying to lose weight he had no idea he’d lose 100kg, let alone inspire others to drop more than 170kg.

Load off as colleagues lose truckload of weight